Galenic formula – Active ingredients "packaged" intelligently
How does caffeine get into the hair root?

Highly performant active ingredients are good and fine. But what good is the most precious ingredient if it doesn't end up where it's needed?

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Why change to the Alpecin Dandruff Killer Shampoo?
A head without dandruff has many enemies:

Fungi, yeast and bacteria are on a rampage. Millions of men are still suffering from dandruff and haven’t found a solution for their problem yet.

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Test your own personal baldness risk!
With the new baldness calculator from Alpecin.

Test your own personal baldness risk with the new baldness calculator from Alpecin

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Stress promotes baldness
Stress and the pressure to perform cost men a lot of energy.

His hair growth will slack off as well. Hair loss is imminent, especially when the hair roots are subject to hereditary predisposition. Furthermore, the male hormone testosterone plays a key role.

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Here you will find important information on
Alpecin's effectiveness studies.

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